I conduct applied experimental research at Old Dominion University. My main research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Human- Robot Interaction, and training with games and virtual environments. I also work with industry and government directly to help improve their products through human-centered design practices. This is a sample of some of my most recent projects to highlight my design and research projects. Some of my work is protected through NDAs, so I am limited in the amount of information I can share.

If you’d like to learn more about any of this work or other projects, please contact me. You can also access a selected list of publications or access my full Vita.

Physiological data collection process for a project. Shows ROTC participant with EEG headset. (image via Alex Proaps)

Multi-robot control interface usability testing

Under a Navy-funded contract, I worked on a multi-disciplinary team to develop physiological and performance data logging software, to program multi-robot control training scenarios using a virtual environment, and to create promotional videos and training materials. We also conducted heuristic evaluations, user testing sessions with enlisted personnel and ROTC students, and analyzed performance and physiological data to evaluate two competing multi-robot navigation interfaces.

ABS Navy recommendations for seated operators

Military system design requirements

A common responsibility of any Human Factors practitioner during the product or system design life cycle is to provide recommendations based on expertise, a synthesis of existing design requirements and standards, and task analyses. I have worked with a number of military organizations to draft design requirements for products at various stages of development, including websites, instructional virtual characters, and riverine high speed boat interfaces, and to develop training requirements for a special class of Navy personnel. 

 Screen shot of a mobile survey used for research purposes

Mobile versus computer talent assessment usability

I assisted an I/O psychology research lab and a human resource consulting firm in an investigation of unproctored mobile and computer-based talent assessment methods.